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JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband

Product #: JMS2212

This waterproof, AM/FM stereo includes full iPod and iPhone controls, is SIRIUS Satellite Radio ready and includes a USB input. The JMS2212 has 200 watts of power and also features NOAA Weatherband. The high-tech, waterproof commander is IPX6 rated so it will survive the harsh marine environment without the need for a weatherproof housing.

Price: $252.99
Price: $252.99
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JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband

JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband

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Features for the JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband

  • AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband
  • 200 Watts
  • USB input allows for playback of MP3/WMA files from compatible flash drives
  • Auxiliary Audio Input (RCA)
  • Waterproof (IPX6 rated) Commander and Water Resistant AM/FM Tuner Amp.
  • Wired Remote Ready (JWR200 ONLY - requires JWRCYCBLS remote control adapter)
  • Positive LCD Display
  • NOAA Weatherband
  • Preamp Line Level Outputs
  • Non-volatile memory for presets & user settings 2-wire power (ACC, GND)
  • Conformal Coated PCB
  • Plastic PCB Insulator
  • Sealed Chassis
  • ASTM B117 Salt Spray Exposure Standard Compliant
  • ASTM D4329 UV Exposure Standard Compliant
  • Overall Size of Commander Unit: 5.12"W x 3.7"H x 1.21"D
  • Overall Size of Tuner/Amp Unit: 8.35"W x 7.97"D x 2.39"H
  • Radio Broadcast Data System - Displays up to 5 lines of system text information
      when the selected FM station supports RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) service.
  • Low Battery Audible Warning - Low voltage audible warning will alert you when voltage is low.
      Station presets and Marine Stereo settings are written to a memory chip and maintained
      when power feed is disconnected.
  • Zero Current Memory Draw - This stereo does not require a constant battery standby power
      feed which means the stereo keeps station presets without running the battery down.
  • Full iPod/iPhone Controls - When you plug your iPod or iPhone into your new Marine Stereo you can fully
      control the iPod or iPhone using the stereo controls - no need to fumble around with
      your iPod or iPhone while boating; now it can stay protected and out of the way.
    NOTE: JDABIPDL iPod Adapter Cable required. Sold separately.
    *iPod Compatibility Information: Please refer to this guide to see if your
    iPod or iPhone is compatible with our JENSEN iPod Ready Stereos.
    Not sure which iPod model you have? Click here to find out.

    Generation 3.0 SIRIUS Technology:
    Allows a SIRIUS Dock & Play unit to act as the satellite radio receiver. This eliminates the need for a separate SIRIUS tuner box! Simply put the Dock &Play into its docking station and listen to SIRIUS radio with full functionality and control through the stereo head unit. It also means that your SIRIUS tunes are completely portable. Your favorite SIRIUS stations don't have to remain strictly in your equipment. Now you can take the SIRIUS Dock &Play unit out of your equipment and use it in your car and home, all under ONE single SIRIUS subscription! (not included). We know you just have to have this now, right? Check out the SDSV6V1 SIRIUS Dock & Play Radio and Vehicle Kit!


NOTE: If you want to take advantage of the SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready feature you will need:
- SIRIUS Satellite Radio Subscription
- SCC1MS - SIRIUS Satellite Gen 3.0 Receiver.
- SRA25 - SIRIUS Satellite Antenna
To subscribe to the SIRIUS service call toll-free at 1-888-539-SIRIUS
or click here to visit their website.

Specifications for the JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband

Weight (Lbs)
Overall Dimensions
5-1/8 x 3-3/4
Maximum Power Output (Watts x Channel)
50 x 4
Signal-to-Noise Ratio @ 1Watt/4 Ohms (dB)
Mounting Hole Dimensions (Inches WxH)
Mounting Depth (Inches)
Watertight Standard Compliant
Conformal Coated PCB
Plastic PCB Insulator
iPod Ready
GEN 3 Sirius Satellite Radio Ready
SiriusXM Satellite Radio Ready
Wired Remote Control Ready
Wireless Remote Control Ready
Positive LCD Display
CD/CD-R/CD-RW Playback
MP3/WMA Playback
AM/FM Tuner
Selectable AM/FM Frequency Spacing US/European
USB Input
1GB Onboard Memory
Auxiliary Audio Input
Preamp Line Level Outputs
Electronic Disc Skip Protection (Seconds)
Radio Broadcast Data System Text Display
Non-Volatile Memory for Presets & User Settings 2-Wire Power (Access ACC, GND)
NOAA Weatherband/Weather Alert
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Exposure Standard Compliant
ASTM D4329 UV Exposure Standard Compliant

Manuals & Guides for the JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband


Our hands on Engineering Research and Development team builds quality into our JENSEN Marine products from the beginning by expertly designing each product from the ground up and validating all designs through extensive testing that is primarily conducted in our own on-site test lab. Therefore, JENSEN Marine Audio & Video products offer MORE durability and performance than you would expect from standard electronics.

Temperature/Vibration Chamber

Long-Duration product exposure to constant random-frequency operational vibration and non-operational vibration to simulate rugged road conditions. Simultaneous temperature cycle and vibration exposure are also conducted for additional data that is relevant to detecting potential material/component weaknesses and calculating product life-expectancy.

UV/Salt Fog Corrosive Exposure Chamber

Exterior components are subjected to accelerated UV exposure that equates to 5-7 years of actual outdoor exposure to assure you that your electronics will look great for many years.  In addition, product and product components are subjected to dry/wet cycles of highly corrosive fog/mist to test for corrosion resistance and corrosion protection effectiveness.

Electrostatic Discharge

The last thing you need is for your radio to quit due to accidental static shock. That’s why our products go through the extensive Electrostatic Discharge Test on all exposed control areas as well as I/O connections so they can withstand the most severe static build up. Shocking, isn’t it?

Load Dump

Severe electrical environments are relatively common mobile applications. We understand these environments and what it takes to protect electronics that will be exposed to them. That’s why all of our products include specific and significant front-end circuit protection and filtering that is proven to withstand the toughest electrical environments. The Load Dump Tests puts destructive pulses (spikes) to simulate the sudden disconnection of the battery from the alternator while the alternator is generating current to load the battery. Such Load Dump pulses are high energy pulses with a high potential of destruction ensuring that our electronics are protected.

DC Voltage Overstress

Uses a power supply, applies 18 VDC for 5 minutes. For Heavy Duty products:  Applies 24 VDC for 5 minutes to simulate a vehicle that is jumpstarted.

Reverse Polarity

The Reverse Polarity test uses a car battery to test durability of the product when the (+) and (–) cables are accidentally reversed.

Power Line Noise Rejection

Test throws noise onto the signal and simulates product reaction to alternator whine.

Simulated Crank Start Voltage

Used to test electronics depreciation and altercations when vehicle is turned on.

High/Low Operating Voltage Test

Both tests used to ensure electronics consistency when vehicle battery goes below or above the normal 12V.  Product must remain operational throughout the test.

Shorted I/O

Ensures that product will function when inputs and outputs are connected improperly to the product.

High/Low Operating Temperature

Long-Duration product exposure to operational temperature extremes and rapid temperature cycles that are experienced in outdoor mobile applications. In addition we test for High humidity introduced at high-temp to test effectiveness of circuit corrosion protection (conformal coating).

High/Low Storage Temperature

Ensures your JENSEN products will perform even after prolonged periods of storage with no power in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Temperature Cycle

Used to ensure powered components withstand temperature fluctuations.

High-Pressure Spray

Subjects externally mounted products to high pressure water by blasting the product with 13,000 lbs. of water pressure as close as 6 inches to the product. 

Pushbutton/Hinge/Mechanism Durability Cycle

Life cycle robotic testing of all buttons and hinge mechanism for durability.

RF Performance Testing

RF performance is central to the user experience for many of our products. The RF Performance test ensures that our products keep clean signals in and the bad signals out, so that users are always left with a steady signal without outside interference. We not only test for high level RF performance during product design, but we also take a random sampling from each production lot and test it to ensure performance consistency. A battery of over 80 performance tests are conducted to analyze and validate RF and audio performance.

Inductive Load Switching

Tests product well above and below the average waveform to ensure that it can withstand the extreme fluctuations.

Reviews for the JENSEN Waterproof AM/FM/iPod/iPhone & SIRIUS Satellite Radio Ready Stereo with USB Input & NOAA Weatherband

Customer Reviews

  1. Great Stereo
    Review by CS on 8/16/11
    The help at Jensen Marine were exactly right on with this stereo. I installed this in a 14 Caribe(very wet boat). Stereo is easy to use and can take a lot of water hitting it. The sound is great. I have a 1000 watt amp and four speakers ( DC Gold). For such a small boat and having to mount them at your feet the sound is excellent ! No need for a sub. installed the pocket for ipod . Keeps it dry and is easy to get in and out. Had one problem with the pocket that it came open on a very rough day in the ocean.
  2. Fantastic Stereo
    Review by BlenderBoy on 7/5/11
    I just installed my JMS2212. Monica and Brittany at ASA were very pleasant and helpful. Installation was very easy. I have a 23' Formula and there isn't a lot of room around the helm for mounting a radio. The control unit is nice, compact, and stylish. Finally I can control the radio from the helm without having to duck into the cuddy. The unit also controls my classic Ipod, so that I can mount it in the cabin and out of the elements. The unit sounds great. The JMS2212 is a fantastic product. The only problem is that now I have to buy some better speakers.

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