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JENSEN AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth Compact 3.5" Round Waterproof Stereo with App Control

Product #: MS3ARTL

The JENSEN Marine MS3A is a self-contained AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth compact 3.5" round waterproof stereo with app control which allows users to control all of the stereo's primary functions directly from their mobile device by downloading the JENSEN jControl app! It features 160 watts, a USB input along with an auxiliary input and a line out (RCA). The MS3A has a large, daylight readable LCD display with blue backlit controls to offer boaters a user-friendly interface. This economical stereo fits a 3" gauge hole and has UV resistant finishes and corrosion resistant materials to guarantee it withstands life in a rough mobile environment.


Visit your iTunes or Google Play store to download the jControl app.

Price: $189.99
Price: $189.99
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JENSEN AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth Compact 3.5" Round Waterproof Stereo with App Control

JENSEN AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth Compact 3.5" Round Waterproof Stereo with App Control

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Features for the JENSEN AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth Compact 3.5" Round Waterproof Stereo with App Control

  • 160 watts
  • 12V DC power system (2-wire)
  • App ready (jControl)
  • IPX6 waterproof design
  • AM/FM
  • Bluetooth streaming audio (A2DP, AVRCP)
  • Full four channel amplified output
  • USB input allows for playback of MP3/WMA files from compatible flash drives
  • Rear auxiliary audio output
  • Rear auxillary audio input
  • Compact, self-contained design
  • Line out audio (RCA)
  • 12 programmable presets (6 AM, 6 FM)
  • Simple user interface
  • Large, daylight readable LCD display
  • Audio tone, balance and fader controls
  • Zero current memory draw
  • Conformal-coated circuit boards
  • Blue backlit controls (LED illumination)
  • Segmented LED display
  • UV-resistant finishes/materials
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • FCC/CE certified

Specifications for the JENSEN AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth Compact 3.5" Round Waterproof Stereo with App Control

Weight (Lbs)
Overall Dimensions
3" Dia. x 6.3" Depth
Maximum Power Output (Watts x Channel)
40w x 4
Signal-to-Noise Ratio @ 1Watt/4 Ohms (dB)
Mounting Hole Dimensions (Inches WxH)
3.87 x 3.31
App Ready
Mounting Depth (Inches)
Watertight Standard Compliant
Conformal Coated PCB
Plastic PCB Insulator
iPod Ready
SiriusXM Satellite Radio Ready
Wired Remote Control Ready
Wireless Remote Control Ready
Positive LCD Display
MP3/WMA Playback
AM/FM Tuner
Selectable AM/FM Frequency Spacing US/European
USB Input
Auxiliary Audio Input
Preamp Line Level Outputs
Electronic Disc Skip Protection (Seconds)
Radio Broadcast Data System Text Display
Non-Volatile Memory for Presets & User Settings 2-Wire Power (Access ACC, GND)
NOAA Weatherband/Weather Alert
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Exposure Standard Compliant
ASTM D4329 UV Exposure Standard Compliant


Our hands on Engineering Research and Development team builds quality into our JENSEN Marine products from the beginning by expertly designing each product from the ground up and validating all designs through extensive testing that is primarily conducted in our own on-site test lab. Therefore, JENSEN Marine Audio & Video products offer MORE durability and performance than you would expect from standard electronics.

Temperature/Vibration Chamber

Long duration product exposure to constant random frequency operational vibration and non-operational vibration to simulate rugged road conditions.  Simultaneous temperature cycle and vibration exposure are also conducted for additional data that is relevant to detecting potential material/component weaknesses and calculating product life expectancy.






Electrostatic Discharge

The last thing you need is for your radio to quit due to accidental static shock. That’s why our products go through the extensive Electrostatic Discharge Test on all exposed control areas as well as I/O connections so they can withstand the most severe static build up. Shocking, isn’t it?


Load Dump

Severe electrical environments are relatively common mobile applications. We understand these environments and what it takes to protect electronics that will be exposed to them. That’s why all of our products include specific and significant front-end circuit protection and filtering that is proven to withstand the toughest electrical environments. The Load Dump Tests puts destructive pulses (spikes) to simulate the sudden disconnection of the battery from the alternator while the alternator is generating current to load the battery. Such Load Dump pulses are high energy pulses with a high potential of destruction ensuring that our electronics are protected.

DC Voltage Overstress

Uses a power supply, applies 18 VDC for 5 minutes. For Heavy Duty products:  Applies 24 VDC for 5 minutes to simulate a vehicle that is jumpstarted.

Reverse Polarity

The Reverse Polarity test uses a car battery to test the durability of the product when the (+) and (–) cables are accidentally reversed.


Power Line Noise Rejection

Test throws noise onto the signal and simulates product reaction to alternator whine.

Simulated Crank Start Voltage

Used to test electronics depreciation and altercations when vehicle is turned on.

High/Low Operating Voltage Test

Both tests used to ensure electronics consistency when vehicle battery goes below or above the normal 12V.  Product must remain operational throughout the test.

Shorted I/O

Ensures that product will function when inputs and outputs are connected improperly to the product.



High/Low Operating Temperature

Long-Duration product exposure to operational temperature extremes and rapid temperature cycles that are experienced in outdoor mobile applications. In addition, we test for High humidity introduced at high-temp to test the effectiveness of circuit corrosion protection (conformal coating).


High/Low Storage Temperature

Ensures our products will perform even after prolonged periods of storage with no power in extreme hot or cold temperatures.


Temperature Cycle

Used to ensure powered components withstand temperature fluctuations.

High-Pressure Spray

Subjects externally mounted products to high-pressure water by blasting the product with 1,300 psi at 6 inches.

voyager camera test


Pushbutton/Hinge/Mechanism Durability Cycle

RF Performance Testing

RF performance is central to the user experience for many of our products. The RF Performance test ensures that our products keep clean signals in and the bad signals out, so that users are always left with a steady signal without outside interference. We not only test for high level RF performance during product design, but we also take a random sampling from each production lot and test it to ensure performance consistency. A battery of over 80 performance tests are conducted to analyze and validate RF and audio performance.


Inductive Load Switching

Tests product well above and below the average waveform to ensure that it can withstand the extreme fluctuations.

Reviews for the JENSEN AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth Compact 3.5" Round Waterproof Stereo with App Control

Customer Reviews

  1. good
    Review by padty on 2/14/2020
    very nice unit
  2. works well
    Review by crd on 12/3/2019
    works well
  3. Excellent sound!
    Review by Shawn on 11/21/2019
    The Jensen system came with my boat. It sounds great from the highs to the lows. My boat came with two speakers towards the back and I will be adding two more in the front as this is a 4 channel receiver. I would recommend to all.
  4. easy set up
    Review by jdog on 4/13/2019
    I just got my new Bayliner and this radio came with it. I was very surprised at the sound from just two speakers. The app was really easy to set up my 6 year old daughter did it for me while I was driving the boat. I wonder if I could add two more speakers, and what would it sound like.
  5. Surprising Little Unit
    Review by OSD on 2/24/2018
    Let me start by saying the Bluetooth connection was fairly straight forward. I got it completed in just a few minutes with no instructions. I'm not sure why Patty, frustrated, and PRC OKLA gave a 1 star review simply because couldn't get their phones connected with Bluetooth, and they had instructions. I'm very impressed with the sound and functionality of the MS3A. The 4 speakers fill the new pontoon with sound, bow to stern, and the Jcontrol app gives me complete control of the unit from my Galaxy Note 8.
  6. Excellent!
    Review by AlexJ66 on 12/14/2017
    Can't understand how people can be having difficulty setting up the Bluetooth! Was so simple, maybe some just aren't that smart?
  7. Great Little Unit
    Review by Canoehound on 5/7/2017
    This unit is installed in my Legend XTR and from the get go it is a great sounding system for a 2 speaker set up.
    Everyone says it is difficult to set up the bluetooth app and Idid it with no issues at all following the video instructions on Youtube. The app allows for full functionality of the sterio from my Samsung Galaxy Phone.
    Thanks Jensen
  8. Bad set up system.
    Review by Patty on 8/14/2016
    Can't pair my phone with the Bluetooth, why is this so difficult ? The manual not helpful.
  9. Sounds great
    Review by otaypanky on 5/23/2016
    I have the MS3A in a Robalo Cayman with two speakers and I was shocked at how great it sounds with only the two speakers. Connecting with Bluetooth required reading the manual but wasn't difficult at all. Contrary to Jensen's installation guide, the boat came from the factory with the radio wired to a constant power source and would sometimes come on by itself while sitting on the boat lift. Since correcting that and wiring to a switched power source, no issues at all. Compact size doesn't take up much dash space and looks good alongside other gauges. My only suggestion would be to offer a black matte finish on the trim ring, not just chrome.
    I had the MS30 (without Bluetooth) in my last boat and enjoyed that one as well
  10. Bluetooth connecting not explained well in manual
    Review by frustrated on 4/10/2016
    I am having a heck of a time connecting my phone to this stereo via bluetooth. I have printed out a manual and found a how-to video on youtube. Neither of these processes were successful. My phone is new enough and updated and I have never had any issues connecting to other bluetooth devices. I have located another youtube video and I hope this one may hold some small step that the other explanations missed. I have degrees and I don't think my stupidity is the issue, but you never know.
  11. Pain to set up!
    Review by PRC OKLA on 4/10/2016
    I am still trying to set this up to connect with my phone! So far it's a pain. Seems like it should be about like hooking Bluetooth to a car. Any rental car you get allows you to be hooked up with a few simple clicks. Why should a boat be different? Hoping to revise this review if/when I can get it connected.

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